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Annoying Things Interracial Couples are Tired of Hearing

Rujuta Patil
Interracial relationships, are not yet heartily welcomed in some part of the United States, as seen through the annoying things these couples have to hear.

You could rather ask:

Things to ask to interracial couples:

How did you guys meet?

Can you speak his/her language?
What do you like the most of their cuisine?
You might have heard about AMWF (Asian Male White Female) couples, the term 'Yellow Fever', or similar concepts. Common or uncommon, what is true is that, most of us usually tend to form prejudices and stereotypes based on such concepts.
Has skin color mattered, or would it matter to you while choosing your life partner? Perhaps it would. Or it may not at all, if love is all that you are concerned about.
If you have always been with someone whose race is the same as that of others, you may have asked an interracial couple a few questions at some point of time, whatever be the reason, curiosity or astonishment. Did you think what they must have felt like to answer such questions. As you now realize, they definitely must have not enjoyed it.
If you've so far thought that two individuals from different backgrounds, with different skins colors, different eyes, and different hair, may not look great together, go through these beautiful smiling faces, and then read ahead to know about the things interracial couples are really sick and tired of hearing.

Troublesome Things Interracial Couples are Often Questioned About

You Never Told Me You Liked (people from that race)

It is not like you develop a liking for a particular 'race'. It is the people you like to spend time with. You don't date someone for that person belonging to a different race!

What Would Your Kids Look Like?

Or, your kids will look very pretty. Most individuals who were blessed with this comment must have said to themselves in their minds, "Does that mean your kids won't be (as) pretty?"
It feels somewhat nice to hear that about your (future) kids, but this is not said (with that same imaginative intention) to all other couples around you. Then, why you?

You Must Be Worried for Your Kids

Some are just totally against interracial marriages. Why? Because they are worried about kids born to an interracial couple; that they will be teased at social gatherings. Firstly, this concept of marriages between people of two distinct races, countries, or cultures, is not like a '21st century social innovation'.
It has been there since many centuries; children belonging to parents coming from dissimilar races have assimilated so well in many societies, that such stupid concerns are better ignored.

You Could Do Much Better

How can anyone even say that? Do they act so dumb, or they really are? It is an insult to both in the relationship. Statements like these literally speak volumes about how 'closed' people are to intercultural interaction, forget acceptance.

Are You Opposed to Seeing Anyone From (your own) Race?

Also, that dating a person of the same race is seemingly easier too. This is the most annoying of all the reactions such couples comes across. It is not like you go about looking for someone holding a sign board in your hand, which says a big 'NO' to individuals from your own race.
Amazing! That people consider you to be against your ethnicity just because you happen to love a person from a different ethnicity, is plain stupid.

What Did Your Parents Have to Say About This?

Another most frequented item topping the list on the minds of 'the-not-so-sure-about-this-whole-thing' category. They drop in this little teaser to kind of judge the overall scene with the families, and then form their own opinions about whether this was the right thing to do. Who is interested in knowing their advise anyway! 
Being in a relationship outside one's race might be a situation difficult to understand for your parents. However, if they don't support you for something that makes you happy in your life, all you can do is try to convince them, and/or follow your heart. Tough job for sure.

Was It Hard for You to Make This Decision?

If you meet someone, like him/her, you start going out together, and it is because you feel so comfortable with each other that you decide to live as a couple. A decision is a decision to 'these two', just like it would have been for 'any other duo'.
A different cultural background just happens to be 'one of the many attributes' of an individual. Besides, some are keen to suggest to you that, this is going to be tough (just because you two belong to different countries or races, apparently). As if all who have found their sole mates within their races have lived happily ever after!

This Should Be a Phase

People who pretend to show concern for you might say this. They are hinting at you being under some kind of influence, or this 'affair' being an infatuation, or a blunder you committed while you were actually searching for something else in life.
Those who have experienced the bonding and sharing that surpasses any racial or cultural boundaries, know that it is not a phase, but a relationship that is based on love, more than anything else.

So, You Don't Get to Talk in Your First Language?

It is true that, initially it might be hard for someone like a German-speaking individual to communicate with a Japanese-speaking person. But, you get a way to learn together, to interact using some gestures, so much so that you enjoy it. Why not look at it as getting to learn a new language, a new culture, and living life in a way you never knew existed.
And Finally That Gaze! It need not always be words of contempt, oddity, or non-approval. A gaze full of wonder, watching you with wide open eyes, is enough too.