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Board Games for Couples

Mukta Gaikwad
Here's a plan for your upcoming Sunday afternoon. Grab one of these board games, and start playing for an afternoon of fun and romance!
Playing board games give the cozy twosome an opportunity to build up the romance in the relationship and take things forward for good. Adult life can sometimes be boring with a pile of responsibilities and duties. Playing games is a way out of all the worries and decreasing stress levels.
After all, doesn't all work and no play make you dull and bored? Romantic board games brings the couple closer, (if not emotionally then physically, for sure!) making the bond stronger. So, whether it's to add fun to a mundane life or to rekindle the romance, these games are a brilliant way to kill time on lazy afternoons.


This is a famous dice board game where players roll the dice and count the moves. This is more of a strategy game which makes you think out of the box. To frame it correctly, backgammon is a game which makes you read your partner's mind. Does it get any better?!


You don't really need to construct a board. You must have seen this game a lot of times on television. All you need is a few cards, a few interesting questions about yourself (to ask your partner) and a reward! Sit across each other and let the game begin. This game can be played with 2-4 couples at a time.

Dirty Minds

This game is actually the reverse of what it suggests. You have to give your partner really pervert clues, which actually have innocent answers. It is his wild imagination that's going make him lose! Once again, this is one of the homemade board games minus the board though!

Truth & Dare

Truth or dare questions are the ultimate games for couples to play. Here's your chance to get as dirty, as naughty or as romantic as possible with your beloved partner. You can also try a few naughty truth or dare questions and dare ideas for framing those whacky questions to spice it up!


With a few amendments to the rules of scrabble the game can be as romantic as ever! So, here are a few new rules for playing scrabble as a board game for couples. However, the rules of how the words should be spelled and the distribution of alphabets remain the same.
Rule # 1: Each 'dirty word' gets extra 50 points.
Rule # 2: If you spell a body part, you get kissed there as a reward.
Rule # 3: A piece of clothing comes off you with every extra 50 points.

Do we need any more rules here?


Here's the real chess of life. So far, you've played chess to win, but now it's about losing. Every time you lose a piece your partner needs to take off a piece of clothing. When all the clothes are off your partner needs to know how to turn you on, as the case may be, to lose with grace. Hopefully, nobody here needs any more explanations!
Other classic games, such as 'Pictionary', 'Battleship', 'Monopoly', 'Checkers', 'Othello', 'Life Stories', 'Pool', 'Guess Who?', 'Ghosts and Obsession' can be turned into board games for couples. These games are not only entertaining but also help you to connect to your partner in a fun way. So, if you are still looking for fun things to do when you're bored, grab the keys go buy a game and start playing. Have fun!