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Common Relationship Issues

Tilottama Chatterjee
Issues are a common occurrence in any relationship. It is how a person deals with them that makes a difference. This story lists some very common relationship issues.
Relationship issues need not signal the end of a relationship. They arise in everyday situations and everyday places in the lives of ordinary people. This article has been written from a female point of view. Why women are the way they are, and why they think the way they do.
If women can deal with the fact that men are genetically unable to ask for directions, pay for the services of electricians, and tend to form deeper relationships than normal with inanimate objects like cars, then a turnabout is fair play.
The eternal differences that separate male from female are mirrored in the way women approach relationships. Generally, it's these differences that can give rise to issues for the most part.

Trust Issues

This one is a bit of a deal breaker. Trust is intrinsically linked with insecurity in the minds of many women. We worry about the way we look, the way we dress, and way we come across, constantly. With security comes confidence, in yourself and in your significant other. The strange thing about trust is that you don't really think about it until it breaks
It's a silent entity that rears its head when threatened. Once broken, rebuilding it in a relationship is a terribly difficult task to do, and the cracks run very deep. Trust is also strangely intertwined with jealousy.
If you've ever been in a relationship with an over-possessive other half, you will know. Suddenly, every chance conversation becomes something sinister, and every other male, a threat. Jealousy festers, resentment builds, and the cracks begin to widen.

Abusive Relationships

When you look at abusive relationships from the safety of your protected world, you may be tempted to discount the women in them as weak, spineless, cowardly. Why not get out, you may ask, who in their right mind would tolerate domestic violence, where staying only qualifies as a downward spiral of desperation and despair.
There are women who battle through abusive relationships but stay in them beyond the first warning signs of violence, convinced that partner was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again. Sometimes, intelligence can fail you when your emotions are tangled up, when a relationship becomes a habit, and loneliness that will follow is too difficult to contemplate.
Many plod on, forgiving over and over again not realizing that this acquiescence is almost an invitation for abuse. Abuse need not be physical. Any intentional hurt, humiliation, or disrespect qualifies for it. If a guy treats you badly, don't wait around, get out.

Bad Relationships

There's something about relationships in general that makes people blind to reality. Faults that are clear as crystal in retrospect are glossed over in the heat of the moment. Years later, you may wonder at the insanity and the foolishness and hopefully be able to look back with fondness at the folly of youth.
Troubled relationships run the gamut of brilliant, unhappy, mediocre, and unbearable with increasing regularity. Only, the brilliance fades and the mediocrity makes way for plain, simple misery.
It isn't always someone's fault per se. Sometimes, you just aren't meant to be together. Recognize this (the sooner the better) and move on. Don't wait around for the other shoe to drop.

Commitment Phobia

There's something about settling down with just one woman that sends many men running. And it can strike at the strangest points. You could be talking about taking the proverbial big step, or just about anything that hints at exclusivity, and suddenly there's something incredibly important that comes up - the phone stops ringing and the dates dry up.
Then there's the extra special sort, that commits and then reneges. They'll even go through the motions of planning, and then up and run when the date gets nearer. These are the ones who are either confused, messed up in the head, or just rotten to the core.
There are guys who are upfront about their commitment phobia, but it's the other ones - ones who promise you the moon and the stars, and then cut and run . If he's uncomfortable about the future, unwilling to tell the world about your relationship, or living in the moment, you need to think twice about spending your future with him.

Communication Issues

Women talk. We talk about emotions and feelings with a freedom that strikes terror in the male heart. We're emotive creatures and good with expression. It comes naturally to most. So when it comes to talking things out, we're always ready. Women talk to each other about their respective relationships.
They talk to about problems, existent, non-existent, potential, and improbable.  Communication is also important so that partners are on the same page, expectations are known, and surprises are of the pleasant kind. You may be in it for the long haul and want your gestures to speak for themselves. However, words do go a long way along with those gestures.

Issues During Pregnancy

This is a bit tricky. Most women grow up with ideas about the perfect guy, the perfect wedding, and the perfect family, in the perfect house. However, many are left heartbroken when the knight in shining armor turns out to be a loser in an aluminum foil.
You may be lucky enough to have a partner who's as excited about becoming a father (yes there are many people like that). However, the flip side is a little alarming. As your baby grows, your body changes. The magical experience of becoming a mother takes a turn with the labor, hormones acting up, and the food cravings.
Life changes. Studies have revealed that close to 80% of men cheat on their wives while they're pregnant. It's heartbreaking and unfair, just as infidelity always is. Extramarital affairs are some of the most debilitating issues that can cause the demise of a relationship.
Relationship issues aren't insurmountable. And experience is the best tutor. Instead of looking at the mistakes that other people make and trying to learn from them, it is best to learn from your own.