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Common Relationship Problems

Rujuta Borkar
Every relationship has its set of problems. Let's go through some common relationship problems in the quest of making you aware of these and thereby trying to avoid them.
Ever remember watching a couple really get at each others' throat, and then thinking 'Boy, they have relationship problems'! It really got you thinking this whole thing through about relationships and the issues that must come about?
No relationship can be devoid of problems because there exists no such thing as a perfect relationship. But is there a way to avoid these common relationship problems? Why hasn't anyone come up with a solution for resolving these? Who says they haven't? They have! Let's talk about some of those very problems and how to fix them.

Relationship Problems and Solutions

The deal with problems in relationships is that they can get recurrent if you do not tackle them at the base. It's not a math riddle or a sum that once solved will not ever trouble you again, but knowing what's causing the grief is half the battle won.
Relationships revolve around human nature, the depths of which can never ever be calculated. Yet it is possible to jot down some common problems because of the very fact that they are so common. Lets know some of such problems and their solutions.


In relationship problems, communication (or the lack of it) has got to be one of the most common problems and a potent step that leads to downfall. When dealing with another person, one who has his/her own set of rules, values, expectations, preferences and the like, there are bound to be some clashes.
In the manner of that, if there is no communication to convey what's going on or how a particular action is hurting the other, there can never be a cordial and strong relationship that has no negative tinges and bitter feelings lining it.
This can only happen if the couple is mature enough to openly communicate and try to solve matters at hand. That is why knowing how to communicate in a relationship is important. This does not only mean that every time you encounter a problem, you fix up a meeting and hash the problem out.
It in fact means that your base is strong enough, that you're communicating even otherwise and that this communication has led you to mutually understand what the other person is made of. Proper and effective couples' communication exercises can solve several issues like sexual problems, relationship stress, infidelity, money matters, jealousy, and others.


Trust is the base of any relationship. A relationship has to be built around this, without which there can be no hope of a strong and serious relationship. Ever. Without trust, whatever else happens has absolutely no meaning. Many people find it difficult to build this trust because they have faced abandonment or infidelity in relationships previously.
That is where the factor of knowing what the other person is comes in. The partner should be able to convince them of their loyalty and feelings through their actions and words.

Quality Time

Once the honeymoon period of a new relationship fades away, couples usually take up what they had kept on hold. Things like careers, meeting friends and other such and such.
And either because they are secure in their relationship or because the warm fuzzy feelings of a new relationship has taken a back seat, they knowingly or unknowingly end up giving less time to their partners. Which can then give rise to other problems like increased feeling of possessiveness, bitterness, and jealousy.
The only way to deal with this problem is to stop yourself before it happens or learn from it if it has happened and has affected you. Be mature about it and explain to your partner that you spending less time with them does not mean you love them less. And make sure that you're spending quality time with your partner. Like, seriously.


This factor of not giving or getting one's space could lead to a troubled relationship. Since the other partner does not spend quality time with his partner, for some, there might be the need to be possessive in a quest to be close to their partner.
Knowing what the partner expects and wants and then having a chance to correct or explain your point of view to the other will solve most of the problems. Take positive steps to correct this problem, like spending time with them or making them understand that you're not going anywhere.
In the process of which, they end up getting clingy and needy. Which is again difficult for the other partner to bear. How to avoid this? Talk it out with your partner. No matter if you're doling it out or receiving the 'space issue'.


When two people come together, they don't exist as a clean slate but rather as people who come with their own set of baggage and expectations. What one person wants from a relationship might not necessarily be what the other wants. A clash in opinions as far as expectations and fulfilling them are concerned, can lead to a couple drifting apart.
This can only be avoided with open communication, stating what one's expectations from the other and the relationship are. Once that is done, (and may the verdict go either which way) at least it is out in the open and the couple can work at dealing with them. There will be no festering of feelings into bitterness and hurt.
And there you have it. Some of the most common relationship problems, at least some of which most couples will have to deal with at one time or the other. So what do you do?
Try to stay away, far, far away from these and try to build a healthy relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding. Easy to say, tough to follow. But try, because born of that will be a relationship that you'll truly cherish.