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Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Uttara Manohar
We forget to thank the people that we love for being supportive, helpful and ever-present when we need them the most. One should also thank those who help out during a situation or do something quite thoughtful.
People come and go from our lives, leaving an impressionable mark in our hearts and minds. These people who make a difference are those that need to be thanked for things they do; both big and small.
It can be your congenial boss who doesn't fail to make you feel like you're doing a good job or encourage you to do better when you fall, or your overbearing sibling who one day just buys you something you've always wanted out of the blue.
Even your annoying neighbor who's finally stopped doing the one thing you've constantly hounded him/her about - they all deserve a little thank you for deeds that are either unexpected, out-of-character, sweet, or extremely thoughtful.
You'll see here a bunch of ideas that you can use to say how thankful you are. A 'thank you' no matter in what form it comes in, is always appreciated by the receiver. For those of you who want to show a little more gratitude, here are some neat ideas that you can browse through.
Do you like cooking? Think creamy cupcakes or cookie cutouts with alphabets saying 'Thank You'. You have many cute, artistic ingredients for cupcakes in local grocery stores.
Baked Delights
If you have no idea about baking or dessert-making, head on out to a bakery and pick up an assortment of cupcakes or a nice mini lamington; you can't go wrong with this delicious Australian cake.
If you feel indebted to a person because he pulled in a favor or suddenly helped, or if a loved one made your day special on your birthday or when you were down, a customized gift is the best.
Customized Gifts
How about a fine bottle of wine? Or perhaps a fruit/chocolate gift basket? You could include a nice thank you card with these gifts, signed by you of course.
Nothing is better than a bunch of fresh flowers and a thank you card affixed to it. If possible, find out the person's favorite flower.
Thank You Card with Flowers
If you aren't aware of this or if you already know which one it is, then have it ordered and wrapped beautifully prior to delivery. You can have it sent to the office directly, or to their home.
Some companies even deliver flowers out-of-state, so check into this if the person in question is not where you live.
Don't forget those who matter by letting such deeds slip by unnoticed. Saying thank you to those who help us out or brighten up our day is something that cannot be underestimated. It is something they deserve and something they will cherish.