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Elevator Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

Tulika Nair
Taking the elevator to reach your office is something you do daily but do you know the etiquette to follow in the lift. Read on to know a few elevator etiquette.
You press the button to call the elevator. After waiting for what seems like a lifetime, the lift finally arrives only for you to realize that it is filled to its maximum capacity. You are getting late and you cannot afford to wait for another round that the elevator makes, and somehow you find a nook for yourself.
You may have just broken one of the cardinal rules of elevator etiquette. Surprised? Well, most of us are not even aware that there is a whole list of acceptable behavior that you need to follow if you are in the lift. But if you want to learn about it, then this information on etiquette in the elevator should be able to give you an answer to your queries.

Etiquette in the Elevator

Why is it sometimes the ride up to your floor on the elevator can bet the longest in your life? Occasionally it can because of some person who is with you in the elevator and making the experience unpleasant to say the least. There is a certain degree of social etiquette that needs to be maintained even if you are in the lift. Find these rules here.
✦ Many people often use the lift even if they are going up or down only one floor. As a rule, try to avoid doing this unless you are carrying something heavy, are injured, or are disabled.
✦ Always let the people exiting the elevator get off before you make an attempt to get into the lift. Not only is this expected of you but it also makes a lot of sense, since there will be more space in the lift if you do this.
✦ If you can see someone making a dash to enter the lift, then it only makes sense for you to hold the door so that they can enter. Having said this, it makes no sense to wait for a friend who has stopped to get a cup of coffee or any other such errand. Never hold a lift door for more than fifteen to twenty seconds.
✦ The most annoying thing to happen on an elevator is when people encroach on the little space that you have for yourself. Try to give people as much space as possible.
✦ If you are standing in a position that you are next to the buttons, then you may be asked to push the buttons for other people who cannot reach them. If you can push the button yourself, then do not ask someone else to do this for you. It is deemed rude unless of course they are the doorman for the lift.
✦ If you climb the lift first and are about to disembark last, then try to grab a spot on the lift that is furthest away from the door. This ensures that you do not create an obstacle for other people.
✦ Ensure that you always push the button of the floor that you need to go to. If it has already been pushed then do not push it again. There is no necessity to do that.
✦ One of the most annoying things that can happen in an elevator is when people insist on having very loud conversations either with the person they are with or on their phone. If you are in a lift, then try to avoid conversations that everyone can hear.
✦ If you are suffering from a viral infection like a cold, then try to avoid traveling in a lift full of people. It may be a better idea to wait for a lift that is empty, so that you do not pass on the infection.
✦ If you are carrying a large package, then you may want to wait for an empty elevator so that you do not cause inconvenience for other passengers in the lift. Of course, if the other passengers invite you to enter the lift and there is space, you should.
These are just some of the basic rules of elevator etiquette. When you enter the elevator in the morning, it may not be a bad idea to wish everyone a good morning or even say hello to them. Riding in the elevator takes up hardly any time of yours and while you are there, you might as well make it a pleasant experience without inconveniencing others.