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Friendship Tips For a Special Relationship

Shalaka Bhosale
Friendship is the most beautiful thing to happen to humans. We all meet some people with whom we never had a kinship, but they become so special in our life that it becomes hard to live without them. Let us see some things we should consider and never forget when being a true friend.
Poets describe friendship as one of the most fascinating bond we have ever made in our life. It's the most beautiful thing that happens to us. A relation, based on trust and belief of two friends in each other. We come across too many things in our lives that we cannot discuss even with our near and dear ones, but we freely tell everything to our friends.
Many people find good friends but they fail to continue with their friendship, because they do not know their role as a friend. Let us see some important points that we should take care of if we wish to be a good friend to someone.

Be their secret admirer

If they are good at something, then do not praise them in their presence. Praising a person for what they are good at, does not improve their qualities, but can induce over-confidence, which surely will be harmful for them. A good friend should never miss an opportunity to praise their friend in front of others when they are not around.

Don't prove them wrong in public

It is important not to praise them openly in their presence, but much important to abstain from proving them wrong in front of other people. Take them away from the crowd and let them know where they are going wrong. There is no point in proving your friend wrong in front of a crowd, it will not only spoil their image, but also put your friendship in danger.

Try to understand them

It is always important to understand what they are worried about or what problems he/she is facing. Always try to understand the situation they are in and try to soothe them.
It is evident that if people are undergoing some problems, they will not speak up their problems to their brothers or sisters, they will instead tell everything to their friends. Let your friend speak up, just listen to them patiently, and be with them until they haven't dealt with their frustration completely.

Stop them from making mistakes

If they are doing something wrong, it is your duty to let them know it at the earliest. Keep in mind, a best friend has to play the role of a critic if you want the friend to stop committing mistakes.
But again, keep in mind not to point out their mistakes in front of other people. Sometimes, it is important to understand their intentions behind their actions and try to analyze the situation, only then should you give your opinion.

The ego problem

Never let ego spoil your friendship. It is no reason to be jealous if your friend is not at all able to speak to you and is with someone else.
Sometimes there could be a clash between you and your friend, and you both stop talking to each other for some time, it is not at all wrong to speak first and say sorry to your friend, no matter what happens.

Try to teach good things

If you are a true friend, you should never give them a fish, instead, you should teach him/her how to fish, this will teach them how to feed themselves and remain independent for the entire lifetime. A good friend will never wish his/her friend to be dependent on someone.

Do not interfere

The most important point that one should take care of is that your friend has his/her own life and you should not interfere. You have a right to tell your friend what is good and what is bad, but you do not have a right to make someone do what you wish.
Hope this will help you out solve some of your problems you are facing in your friendship.