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How Do You Tell a Guy You Like Him?

Ratnashri Dutta
Want to tell him how much you like him? Not finding the right words or the right time? Having sleepless nights? A few simple tips from here will tell you just how to go about the whole thing.
Laura was very close to him. They talked for hours over the phone, they sat together every class, they went out together, they shared jokes, pulled each others leg ... in other words, Sam and Laura were very good friends. But there was one problem; Laura liked Sam more than a friend (no, that was not the problem).
The problem was, even though Laura liked him more than a friend, Sam just saw her as his 'good' friend and to top it all, he had a girlfriend who he loved a lot. Laura did not want to spoil either their, nor Sam's and his girlfriend's relationship. She tried to forget him, but could not.
The worst part was, she was sure that she loved him a lot and everyday she had to sit beside him, knowing that he would never love her the way she did. She was the only one to whom Sam opened out his heart. To hear about his girlfriend, about what they did and how they kissed ... broke her heart.
She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much she liked him, but she did not know how. She kept asking herself how can she tell him about her feelings without spoiling the present relationship. But she had no answer. She kept her feelings shut and continued seeing Sam in the arms of another girl.
There are many girls in this world like Laura, who like a guy, but cannot tell say anything because they are scared of rejection. They either move on, or they suffer from within. What's wrong with you girls? When a guy likes you, doesn't he come and tell you that? Sometimes, irrespective of the fact that you might have a boyfriend?
Some things are easier said than done. It's always better to say what you feel at the risk of facing rejection or spoiling a friendship. That's any day better than contemplating with a 'what if?' for the rest of your life. Let's now see how we can deal with the problem.

Talk To Him and Be His Friend

First thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to be friends first. You have to know him well, and only then decide whether you really like him or is it just infatuation. 
When he talks to you, listen to him and show him that you can be a very good friend. Compliment him whenever you get the chance. Always smile and be a happy person when you're around him.

Be Yourself

Keep in mind that changing yourself, while being friends with the guy you like, will not help. Just be yourself. There is no need to change for anyone; be what you are, and let others like you for what you are.

No Jealousy Needed

Going round with other guys, talking to them often, or continuously talking about a guy who likes you, isn't going to help. There are more chances that this behavior will mentally push him further away. He might either think that you like the guy you talk about or are too easy, specially if you continuously try flirting with other guys to make him jealous.

O My! He Has Girlfriend

OK! So if this guy has a girlfriend, then what do you do? Just be there for him. Since he is in a relationship, he is sure to have problems with his girlfriend. Listen to what he has to say, sympathize with him, but be positive about the girl. If his girlfriend has hurt his feelings, then be there with him, and give him a shoulder to cry on.
Don't maliciously harm his relationship at any point. However, if he ever does break up with his girlfriend, he'll find you by his side―a girl who has stood by him through thick and thin. It is, however, up to you as to how much time you want to wait.

Be Bold and Tell Him

If none of these tips work and if the guy is too stupid to take your hints, then just be bold enough and go and tell him. 
What is going to happen at the most? He might say yes or he might say no. Remember, that he is not the last guy in the world. There's going to be someone even better waiting for you, who has all the love to share with you.
It is always better to be open and confident about your feelings. Rejection is just one step nearer to something better. And for all you know, you might just come to know that he feels the same way about you.