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How Not to be Jealous

Bidisha Mukherjee
It requires a lot of effort to bring about changes in the thought process so that one can get rid of jealous feelings. Here is a guide for you on how not to be jealous in the various relationships you have in life.
Everyone must have felt jealous some day for a reason or the other. This is a negative feeling and also causes harm to us. It can break friendships, ruin a relationship, and block success in the future. When we have insecurities and negative feelings about ourselves, feel jealous. We all want to get rid of it, but don't know to stop being jealous of people.
Such feelings are normal, but it becomes harmful when it takes control over our mind and thoughts. We should not allow it because then it blocks positive thoughts in our mind and we may have to face some dire consequences in future for that.

Avoiding Jealousy


You should feel lucky if you have friends in your life. They are the real assets who will stay with you forever through thick and thin. We tend to feel jealous of the achievements of our friends. If you break a friendship only because of this, then it will be an immense loss for you. You will realize that once your friend is gone.
Therefore, try to feel genuine happiness for the success that your friend has achieved. One way to tackle these feelings is ignoring all such thoughts that lead to comparisons between you and your friend.
Make a conscious effort to let positive thoughts enter your mind. When you are thinking about them, then the question of jealousy does not even arise.


This feeling can pose a big threat to the steady relationship that you and your partner have been enjoying. You can stop feeling this way about your partner if you can identify the reason behind your thoughts. The reasons could be one or many.
Take a piece of paper and write down serially what were the occasions when you felt jealous about your partner.
Once you have identified all possible reasons, try to overcome those reasons one by one. You may feel the urge to conquer all of them in one go. That could be too much of a burden for you, so it is better to address each of the issues one at a time.
You may find that the real problem could be lying within you and not in your partner. It is mostly found that lack of self-esteem and low self-confidence leads to these situations. Therefore, take all possible measures that can help you to boost up your self-confidence.


Marriage is a strong bond based upon mutual trust and understanding. Without trust, your marriage is not going to work
If there is some jealousy in your marriage that you feel towards your husband then look out for the insecurities in your marital relationship.
Make some changes in your life so that you can feel good about yourself. This positive feeling will help you to be happy and add strength to your relationship. There could be certain aspects of your relationship that are bothering you. Talk to him/her about that and you may find all the delusion between two of you are gone and the matter resolved in no time.
Now you know how not to be jealous of others. When you are happy and content with what you have and do, then there will be no room for jealousy in your life. Understand the value and importance of the people in your life and you will know how fortunate you are.