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How to Attract a Guy

Rujuta Borkar
Don't be frazzled about how to attract a guy. Even though we know it seems a difficult task, we promise it isn't as difficult as it looks. Read on to know more.
Thump! Thump, thump!! Thump! Your heart has started its rhythmic fast-paced dance again, and will continue to do it every time you chance a glimpse of him. Every single time he gets up from his seat and passes by you, his sweet perfume lingers long after he's gone.
Peeping from behind office plants you observe him all the way across the room as he sits at his desk and chews his pen, deep in thought―a love struck expression on your face. You think he's Brad Pitt reincarnated and your friends think you need specs ASAP.
You avoid facing him because the last time you almost bumped into him, he said Hi!..and you went..."Err..my..err..." then put your head down and walked away. So it's clear, my dear girl, you are suffering from acute signs of a crush, mixed with a fear of rejection. And who says you're alone?
Millions of smart, successful, beautiful women become putty when it comes to the matters of love. They might have set world records in academics but they have zilch ideas about how to attract a guy.
Wouldn't it have been easier if they had a subject on how to attract a man you like? It could've spared you all those sleepless nights, helped you breathe easier, and stopped your hands from sweating so much. But no, life isn't that simple.
So, now what? You like him but don't know what to do. You know the preamble to the constitution and the chemical formula for acid milk by heart, but you don't know how to attract a guy. That is where we come in. Lucky for you, we've come up with guaranteed formulas that can help you master the skills of attracting a guy.

Does He Know You?

It is important that the guy you like or find cute, at least knows of your existence.
The two of you may not be acquaintances who talk on a daily basis, but it'll do just fine even if you run into each other at the gym or frequent the same cafe joint daily. If you don't know him at all, try to get introduced to him through common friends or join the same hobby class that he has taken. Then try to talk to him.

Make the First Move

Contrary to popular belief, men don't always like to make the first move. They are as much scared of rejection as women are.
Chances are that he has tried and failed to muster up the courage to talk to you. So how do you attract a shy guy? Be the first to approach and talk to him. He'll be thankful for it and respect you much more.

Lasting First Impression

Be sure to make a lasting first impression. It is what he will remember of you when he thinks of you. So wear a flattering dress, dab on some perfume and put some effort into looking good. Give him something irresistible to remember you.

Talk Business

Start conversations that are common to the two of you. Maybe both of you like to read or watch action flicks. Veer the conversation around topics of common interest and he'll remember that for a fact.
This idea works when you are nervous, because it isn't difficult to talk about something that you like, as opposed to talking about something that is of no interest to you. So you'll easily be able to hold your ground and form a lasting impression.

Get Him to Talk

Guys love to talk about things they are interested in. Ask him questions about his job or a bike that he owns and he'll be talking for hours.
All you need to do is respond to him with positive responses. This will boost his ego because he will remember that it was you who led him to feel so good about himself and therefore he'll start associating the feel good feeling with you.

Be Confident

Confidence in a woman is a big turn on for men. Doing anything with confidence gives you that much of an edge over the others.
Meeting a woman who can hold her own in conversations and knows how to use her feminine charms is a delight to be with. So don't be cowed down when you're ordering for a drink or stating your opinions, even if they don't match his.

Be Yourself

Always be yourself, no matter what.
Don't fake a personality or style just to impress him. It isn't fair to either of you, especially if you want to take the relationship to a deeper level. The fake side will eventually come out and it'll be hurtful and messy to deal with then.

Bare your Strengths

Try to show him your strengths. Accentuate your positive qualities. Do not dwell on negative experiences when just starting to know each other.
Focus on portraying your good points, like maybe your singing, for that, take him to a karaoke bar and let him see that. If you have a unique strength like horse riding he'll be totally psyched to know the fun side of you.

Body Language

Attracting a man becomes easy when you know the kind of body language you have to portray so that he remembers you. Smile a lot. Be cheerful and happy.
Run your fingers over your lips or face to take his attention there. Flip your hair; talk in a sensual voice and indulge in some mild flirting if you can manage that. Top it off by dressing to kill and smelling great, and it won't be an easy task for him to get you out of his mind.
The key on how to attract a guy is to be the complete package. Being physically attractive helps but cannot carry you on for long.
Along with your looks, portray your knockout personality as well and there will be no way that he can resist you. Try these steps today and you can kiss those sweating hands goodbye, so, stop staring like a crazy maniac, give up singing sappy love songs in the bathroom, forget hiding in... oh you get the drift! Go out there girl and have fun!