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How to Deal with Your Best Friend Moving Away

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Losing your best friend isn't easy. The one that you shared your feelings, is moving away, and you know life isn't going to be the same. Many friends might have moved away before, but he/she is your best friend. Read ahead to know how to deal with this situation.
True friends don't say good-bye, they just take extended leaves of absences from each other.
- Unknown
Your best friend moving away. Just saying it drowns your heart in a sea of sorrow. The one person who means the world to you is leaving, and soon there will be a distance of infinite miles between the two of you.
You wish this never happened, but it has. Life has played one of its cruel jokes on you. Your world is falling apart, because he/she is not just your best friend, he/she is your other half, and it is extremely difficult to separate from your other half.
So many questions race through the mind. How will I survive? Who am I going to share everything with? How will I feel after he/she is gone? And the most important - will our friendship last? It sure won't be an easy task, but if you want your friendship to last, then here are some things that you can do.
Give Yourself Time to Accept the News
The news of your best friend moving away is surely earth shattering, but it is important to cope with the sadness. Just sit alone in your room for a while, and let the news sink in.
Shed tears, get angry, blame life, destiny, and everyone; you need to let the pain and disappointment go, and accept that you are not going to see your best friend like you used to in some time.
Spend Time Together
Whatever time you have left with your best friend, try to utilize it to the max. Spend time together, do all the things you used to do together. If possible, plan an entire day, and try to do all the activities that your best friend always wanted to do.
Go out for dinner at your friend's favorite restaurant, or you can cook his/her favorites at home. Capture these special moments on camera, make a beautiful photo album, and gift it to your friend as a keepsake.
Throw a Farewell Party
Invite a bunch of close friends, and throw a farewell party for your best friend. Arrange for a cake, and also buy a special farewell present.
Let your friend know that you'll miss him/her, and will always cherish the wonderful times that you've shared together. No matter where he/she moves, you'll make it a point to stay in touch and never let your friendship get affected by the distance.
Have Faith in Your Friendship
What if after moving we don't remain the best of friends? This fear is quite natural when your best friend is moving far away.
You are afraid that your friendship would break because it wouldn't be able to take the distance. Just remember, the distance, new surroundings, and new people are temporary things that come and go, but real friendships stay forever. You can always stay in touch with each other through the phone, mail, and social networking platforms.
Don't be Upset for Long
While it might be little difficult, but try to make new friends.
You and your best friend did spend some great times together, but now that he/she has moved away, you also need to be happy and enjoy good times with others. If you keep on feeling sad about your friend's moving, it is going to make life extremely difficult.
Don't feel alone or defeated. It is easier said than done, but you just can't stop living, can you? Just think about yourself for a moment, there are so many things you still need to do. This life is the only one you've got, it has never stopped for anyone, and it never will.