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How to Help a Friend Overcome Anger Issues

Hemangi Harankhedkar
Anger kills you silently and hampers your life, it thus needs to be addressed positively before it grows. Through this post you can help your friend overcome anger issues.
Anger in its worst form is a dangerous emotion that if not controlled can leave your daily life troubled. Anger, the emotion we all experience, generally stems from frustration, resentment or irritation. It not only harms the mental state of the person, but in a severe form, also does damage to the body through increased blood pressure and heart rate.
Anger is thus not good for overall well-being of a person and so you should learn to control it before it controls you. If your friend is finding it difficult to deal with the raging anger, you can definitely provide a helping hand.

Help Your Friend Control Anger

There are innumerable reasons that can make a person angry. Being unsuccessful, things working in the way they should not, any physical illness, relationship complexities, humiliation, career insecurities, embarrassment, injustice, etc., can make a person sad and feel angry. An angry person feels hatred towards life and his day is filled with negativity.
To get rid of the anger he can also indulge in violent and undesired activities, which is obviously dangerous. Normally, we all get angry and recover from it. But getting angry frequently and that too because of small issues is something that needs to be addressed.

Determine, What Makes Your Friend Angry

Your friend might be getting angry because there are some issues that he is finding hard to address. People around him might be annoying or his relationship is not working. It can be anything, but there is something that is troubling him. So talk to your friend and try to find out what is troubling him. Say you are always there to listen to him patiently.

Counsel Him

Counsel him and tell that getting angry is not good for health and can affect him negatively. Explain it to him that he needs to focus more on issues that are important rather than brooding over trivial matters.
When we get angry we waste our precious moments which we could have utilized fruitfully. Also it serves no purpose; this needs to be explained by you to your friend. Tell him the importance of being patient and giving time to turn things the way he has planned.

Spread Positive Energy

Don't talk negative and add to the burning fire. Instead, be with him and calm him down by your soothing words. You should make him aware of the negative effects anger has on the mind and body. Remind him to calm down and count numbers the next time he gets angry. Spend time with your pal and make him feel loved.

Indulge Him in Activities

There are many activities that have a soothing effect on the body and mind. Meditation is a prime example and can be called the best tool to control the anger feelings.
So suggest your friend the technique of meditation as a way to get a calmer and positive mind. It can also be let out through positive means like playing sports. This will also benefit your friend to a huge extent and make it feel lighter. If he is not willing to go alone for the activities, go with him if you can. This way you can also monitor his behavior.

Bring in Humor

Humor is the best tool to deal with negative emotions like anger. Laughter is said to positively benefit the mind and body and helps control pessimist thoughts. So make your friend laugh and smile.
Rather spending time and money on making him join laughter clubs, you could yourself make him laugh and enjoy. This you can do through watching some comedy movies or just hanging out.

At Last, Seek Help

Sometimes anger should be left to be addressed by professionals, especially when it is severe and beyond the control of the person.
They can guide and suggest some more ways to get rid of the anger. The expert counseling will always better help your friend to deal with the anger causing issues.
So these were some ways through which you can help your dear friend lower and control his anger. Sometimes, expressing anger is positive as it helps to let out the feelings. But a person should also learn to control his anger, compromise, and view things from a positive angle.