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How to Help Your Friend Come Out of Depression

Hemangi Harankhedkar
The role of friends and near and dear ones in helping a person come out of depression cannot be ignored. Keep reading this story for some ways to help your friend...
Depression is depressing if you get what I mean. All of us have felt it and are also prone to it. It is quite normal to feel sad when things don't work our way, when expectations fail, when we get hurt... Generally we feel sad for the time being and then turn to our normal selves after some time.
But severe and persistent sadness is dangerous and it takes great time and effort to cure it. Hatred towards life and oneself, anxiety, fear of failure, lack of interest to do anything, and a feeling of insecurity are the common signs. The negativity, sometimes spreads so much in the person's mind that it can give rise to suicidal thoughts.
More than any other medication, it is love, care and motivation from the family and friends of the person that helps curing depression in someone. If life has become sad and depressing for him/her, it is your responsibility to look to it that he/she fights and also recovers from it.
This task can prove to be quite an upheaval one and may demand extra effort and patience to be put in. Read through the article for the right guidance to bring back positivity and joy in your buddy's life.

Help a Friend Who is Depressed

Lend a Patient Ear

As a first step, try to find out what is troubling and making your friend feel depressed. Ask him to share his thoughts with you. Let him know that you understand and can help. It is often the case that a person in depression doesn't share the reason for his trouble and keeps himself restricted. But you should pester him to talk to you about what is hurting him.

Bring in Positivity

You would add trouble to the situation if you talk in a negative tone. Understand his situation and then counsel him to remain optimistic. Tell him the significance of living a positive life.
Explain to your friend that what is troubling him is a temporary problem and if something doesn't work the way we had wanted, there is something better that awaits us. Tell him the old workable formula of - "this too shall pass". There are solutions to every problem if we keep a broad view of life.

Always Be There

You should make it a point that your friend is not alone. More than that you should always be around when he needs you. Don't let him restrict himself in the corridors, take him out with you - for shopping or for a movie, or just hanging out. Involve him in your conversation and get him talking. Get him laughing and smiling again.

Protect Him From Abuse

A depressed person often falls victim to drugs and other forms of abuse because it helps counter stress and depression. Anti depressants are also extensively used by people. Resorting to such ways can affect the health of the person negatively. It is thus your duty to protect your dear friend from indulging in any form of abuse.

Seek Guidance

Depression in severe cases can only be treated through medical techniques like talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy or thorough counseling from an expert. If the condition is persistent and is getting severe with time you should seek help from a medical expert and discuss with him the symptoms in your friend. Force him to accompany you to the doctor for counseling.

Quick Reminders

  • Don't talk negatively or criticize.
  • Get your friend into socializing.
  • Make sure your pal is not alone.
  • Make him join some activity club.
  • Compliment; it will help get confidence back in his/her life.
  • Make him do the things he likes.
  • Research and seek counseling.
It will take some time to get him smiling and cheerful again. But be patient even when your friend is not listening to you. Depression takes time to cure, but if the person is encouraged to stay motivated, it will only help a faster recovery.