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How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

You want to get your date to finally fall in love with you or turn the head of the cute guy from your circle of friends towards you?
Rachel Jhonson
1. Chocolate Side: Get in spotlight! Yes, it does depend on inner values. But for a guy to be interested in your personality, you first have to convince him with your outward appearance.
That means concretely take care of yourself and make yourself pretty. The most important thing is: wear what suits you best and what you feel most comfortable in.
2. One of A Kind: Be different! Not only women have prejudices about men. Even the masters of creation think they know what makes us tick. Surprise him by refuting negative stereotypes about women.
Be different than he expects you to be. Don't cackle, don't blaspheme, don't babble too much. Instead, rely on heart, humour and spontaneity. You'll certainly get him to think about you with that!
3. "Oldie But Goldie": What loves, still teases! Worked well in kindergarten and still works great today. For you this means that do not take him or yourself too seriously.
A few teasing jokes are usually always well received.
Attention: Do not shoot over the target or go below the belt!
4. In and Out: Be near as well as far. To get the attention, of course you have to be where they are! But it is just as important that you make yourself scarce.
Show up randomly where he and his friends are and keep setting yourself apart. That way he sees you and yet never gets the feeling that you are following him.
5. Loving Yourself is the Golden Rule: If you want to be loved, you must first love yourself! It's almost impossible to get a man to fall in love with you if you don't feel nice of yourself. Be nice to yourself and show him how you want to be treated.
Don't ever belittle yourself in front of him. Modesty is sympathetic, but self-hatred is a turn off. Things like, "I look fat!" and questions as, "Do you think I'm pretty?" seem insecure and annoying.
6. "On again, off again": Tease and blink! The general rule of flirting is to get people to think about you. This is important with men, as they have the hunting instinct of the Stone Age.
Those who are easy to see through or reveal too much of themselves will quickly get boring and exchanged. No problem for you! Tell exciting and unconventional stories of your life and leave out a few details.
7. Talk well about your friends! If you talk well about friends and family, it shows  you have a great social life. This is important for a potential relationship.
Emphasizing good and intimate relation with others also strengthens the feeling that you are popular! It is the most beautiful and humble form of self-promotion.
8. Do not answer immediately! He has your number. You write to each other. You can't wait to hear from him? Attention! Whoever hits the keys and answers soon  is out! Even if you miss him, let at least an hour pass before you react.
If you write immediately, you will feel lonely and desperate. A little tip: Don't write that you're thinking of him, but rather something funny. This is more natural and does not crush him.
9. Be positive! Men hate women who nag and women who are insecure or envious. Does an attractive woman stroll past you? Just relax and stay positive.
It shows that you're at peace with yourself. If you stay relaxed, you obviously don't need to cling! More plus points for your market value.
10. Meet other men! "Date hopping is not a good idea. But what works great is meeting other guys in the starting phase.
It helps to keep up tactical dating breaks and get your confirmation somewhere else in the meantime.
This way you don't have to concentrate on him. It works on his hunting instinct! If things get  serious, cut others off immediately. Double-track driving never works for long.
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