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How to Stop Dating a Married Man

It is morally wrong. Convince yourself to stop dating a married man. Continue reading..
Hemangi Harankhedkar
How hard you were trying to find the guy you had always dreamed of. At last you found him and luckily you two started hanging out. You knew in advance he was married, and what you are into is just a temporary and useless relation. But he, being the perfect kind of guy, you couldn't suppress the desire of going out with him.
But now is the time that you have to stop this dating and hanging out, for the best of you two. Dating a married man is full of complications, and the relation you are in is just a fling. You must aware, you are not on the right path, that is why you are here seeking help to stop dating him.

Why Should Dating a Married Man be Avoided

There is no need to mention the reasons why one should not date a married man. Just think for a few moments, and your mind will come up with plenty of reasons. The reasons are summarized here.
  • He is married: What you are getting in, will be labeled an 'extramarital affair' by people. Would you like to be a part of this extramarital affair? Think!
  • Ethically wrong: Not necessarily you will break the relation between your man and his wife, but you would add fire to break the bond. There might be a case that the relation is already on the verge of breaking, but who knows, the man will make a rebound to his wife and leave you. If you are responsible for this, it would make you guilty in the future.
  • Can torture you emotionally: Though you are just in the dating phase, after sometime, there is a chance that you will get emotionally involved with the man. But he being married, the probability of him leaving his wife is 'minimal'.
  • He cannot be trusted: Two of you are in an extramarital affair, which means, he is cheating on his wife. Which also means that he is a bad guy. The relation thus, has no future, as the man is just looking for a fling.

How to Break it Off

It might seem easy at first, but to stop dating someone is a tad difficult. Moreover, if the person is someone you cross paths with daily, it becomes a lot more difficult. Now that you are armed with all the reasons to stop dating, presented here are ways to quit.
  • General lack of interest: Avoid him, his calls and messages. In short, show a general lack of interest! He would keep pestering you for some days, but eventually would be pissed and understand that you not interested in him.
  • Keep the reasons in mind: The more you feel tempted to date him, the more you should remind yourself of the reasons mentioned here. Control your feelings and urge, to ensure a happy and safe future.
  • Show you are busy: Refuse going out with him if he asks you for a date, and tell him that you are busy and not willing to go out. If you are feeling lonely, hang out with your friends and relatives.
  • Speak your mind to him: Now that you are aware of the dangers of dating a married man, you need to back out. Meet him for one last time, and convey all your apprehensions. This would be like a mutual breakup. Don't give in to his coaxing and cajoling, and be firm with your decision.
  • Set your preferences: No one would like to get into a relationship just for the sake for it. There are always some expectations, and planning for the future. Think about the kind of guy you would want as a life partner.
Though this guy is all good looking and lovable, you need to stop dating him, as he is married. Remind yourself that a better person is waiting for you, the one you will get married to.
These were some of the techniques to help you get over him and stop dating. The reason you are searching for these ways is that, you know he is not the right guy, and that you need to stop. But even if it is matter of personal choice, dating a married man is morally wrong.