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How to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Divya Bichu
Want to spice up your love life? Are you bored with the mundane things taking place in your relationship? How about surprising your boyfriend and keeping the sweet essence of love alive. Now if you are wondering how to surprise your boyfriend, keep reading.
Is that magic missing in your relationship? Well, it happens. Couples tend to take each other for granted after dating for a long time. Initially, couples exchange romantic messages, meet everyday, or talk late at nights over the phone. But gradually, the novelty seems to wear off and you tend to take each other for granted. This is not a very healthy thing though.
Saying "I love you" over and over again can be time-worn and does not help get that spark back in your relationship. To keep that magic and essence of love alive in your relationship, you have to surprise your partner in innovative, cute and romantic ways. You have to make them feel special and valued. Find the answer on how to surprise your boyfriend, in the section below, and freshen up your relationship.

Cute Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Gifts - You must be thinking gifts are common things, but let's make them uncommon, gals. Let your gift be unique and such that he is totally surprised at the very sight of it. Always think from the guy's point of view, buy what he would like.
Don't go in for usual stereotype gifts like watches, wallets, and so on. You can gift him a PSP (PlayStation Portable), take him kite flying or fishing, for that matter. These are some things he never even think of. Just use your wild imagination and surprise him.
At the Workplace - This is a really. You can dedicate a song to him on the radio while he is driving, on his way to work. He will be baffled on hearing his name, and will have a smile on his face, feeling proud about the same.
Or even better, parcel his favorite dish or meal and surprise him in his lunch break. Have lunch together, this is sure to surprise him in all ways, as he will just not expect you, and would appreciate your effort.

Fun Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

10 Things You Hate and Love About Him - This activity can add that fun element to your relationship. Instead of being all mushy and cheesy all the time, list down a few things you like as well as dislike about him. Pen them down! These days, handwritten love letters are rare, so make it different.
You can list down the little things he does for you, making you feel special, or things that annoy you. This list will actually let him explore himself in a new way, and he would be surprised to know all that you actually like about him, and also the things you don't like about him! He will cherish the letter forever.
Adventure Sports - Guys like adventurous sports (most of them do). Secretly, you can plan for skydiving, paragliding, snorkeling, moonlight trek, rafting or sea walking, on a weekend. Pick him up and drive him to the venue without revealing what you are up to. On reaching the venue, he is sure to be surprised.
Adventure sports are stress busters and fun, to get yourself out of the daily routine. Moreover, experiencing these kinda sports with your loved one, just enhances the whole experience, and you will have wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Vacation - If hectic schedule and long working hours do not allow you to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, plan a vacation. Decide on some romantic location in and around your city, or anywhere you like, depending upon the time you actually have in hand.
A romantic vacation will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together, and ultimately getting to know each other deeper & better. Make sure you make it a unique and romantic experience, which will not be forgotten anytime soon.
Mid-Night Surprise - You can sneak into your boyfriend's house late in the night, pull him out of bed and take him for a long drive. You can stop at a beach and just walk, holding hands. The dim moonlight shining upon you and romance in the air; your guy is sure to be amazed at your creativity.
Every relationship needs romance to keep it going. This idea is sure to add that romance to your relationship to keep it alive.
What was once cute and hot, can get boring with time, (happens with most relationships) but it is the duty of the partners to keep the fire burning by indulging in surprises and romance. Every person craves romance but perceives it in different ways. Make sure you are alert enough to find out what exactly romance means to your guy, and surprise him accordingly.
Your forethought and romantic ways will definitely be rewarded, not because you are expecting something in return, but because you are making that extra effort to keep the fragrance of love lingering!