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How to Write Romantic Love Letters

Swapnil Srivastava
When struck by cupid, most smitten souls find themselves helpless to hold their ground. Love letters definitely provide a solution for the expression of one's love, but then, how to write a romantic letter? So here are a few points you should keep in mind when writing a letter for your beloved.
Love is not a terminus, but an everlasting odyssey full of crests and troughs. If you think that it is not something to be rather expressive about, think twice. Life vanishes in the blink of an eye, leaving behind beautiful memories of love to trail upon.
Love is one of the most important things in life, and very much worth nurturing. Writing romantic letters is still a very widely used way to express true love. It's an honest confession of one's heart and tells how much one cares about his beloved. Here are a few important things you should remember while writing for that special person.

Try to move beyond the boundaries of passion and imagination

The day you say it confidently that you are highly imaginative and passionate when it comes to love, is the day you limit yourself. Romantic love letters are meant to break the thresholds of circumscribed thinking and throttled passion.
Let your creative juices flow while writing to your beloved, and the logic and reasoning part of your brain take a backseat. Most of the people find their love letters hilarious, but that's the charm of it.
A pinch of humor always adds to the recipe of perfect romance. An imaginative tryst and its heart-felt description can also be included to enhance romanticism and let the reality melt away from your lover's eyes.

Be original and descriptive

Romantic love letters are a way to express, not impress. When truly written from the heart, they are bound to capture attention and leave your beloved blushing by the end of it.
As no one else can have the same feelings for your loved one, no one, but 'you' can write a love letter for that special person. Don't try to copy a letter or refer to a sample love letter, in order to woo your honey, as it will be more like completing a cumbersome job which is not worth your time and efforts.
Love letters don't have a format, so never write it in the form of an article, containing introduction, subject body and conclusion. It's always better to go along with a consistent thought flow and use flowery language, bringing out your innermost feelings.

Convey the importance of your beloved in your life

Show how important he or she is in your life and quote the beautiful words you have shared together in intimate moments. The idea of making someone special not only makes that person elated, but also gives the sense of belonging. Don't let your ego come in between you two and never hesitate to apologize for anything that went wrong.
Discuss the special moments spent together, and how your heart still skips a beat thinking about them. Never be in a hurry to get done with a romantic love letter in limited time. Take a break from the regular work, sit alone in the room and let your mind be at peace for sometime, before you start off with writing.

Be honest with your words of appreciation

Some people think that praising itself is more than sufficient to win someone's heart. It's not the case and only the words of compliment which come straight from the heart, leave a lasting impression. Try to appreciate the innermost qualities of your beloved and be vocal about it.
An honest articulation plays a vital role in strengthening the relationship as well as forming an everlasting bond of love. Every person is gifted with something special, and it's your job to realize that quality of your beloved. It's nice to leave small notes of appreciation or love, in order to leave your special one intoxicated with your soulmate.
Love letters establish a heart to heart connection. These are meant not only to verbalize your feelings, but also make the other person understand more than what is written in it.