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Myths and Facts About Cheating

Cheryl Mascarenhas
If you thought the promise of 'I'll be faithful till death do us apart' really lasts, you would have to think again. With splits-ville gaining more attention than ever, the statistics show us otherwise. Let's take a look at all the myths and facts surrounding infidelity and cheating.
Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.
- Oscar Wilde
Fallen out of love or simply not satisfied with the way things are working out? Whatever be the reason behind cheating, it sure makes us wonder where all the love is slowly disappearing. The question isn't about why people cheat but the assumptions made by the by-standers and sadly even the people who have slowly fallen out with each other.
While it is convenient to play the blame game, the truth is that one cannot really pinpoint the actual problem of infidelity. Who cheats more? Men, maybe, but, women are not far behind.
With the current trends of changing partners, it isn't uncommon to find one or both the spouses searching for happiness in a significant other. If it isn't about personal happiness when relationships go asunder, what is it then?
Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea affects just about anybody, and it isn't just a fad that we are talking about, it is undoubtedly the harsh reality. Let's bust some of the myths and track down some of the facts to do with cheating.
Myth: Men cheat more than women.
Fact: Women cheat too, more often for the same reasons as men.
If you thought girls are all that sensitive, understanding dolls of the yester-years, you would have to reconsider your thoughts. Girls these days are just as loud as the boys themselves. Which just means that either of the spouse has his/her reasons for walking away from the relationship.
Myth: It is all about physical gratification.
Fact: There are physical, spiritual, and mental aspects also to be taken into consideration.
Point to be noted, if you are not satisfied in either of the three domains, you opt out. Compromising on either of the three is not acceptable and hence it results in searching for greener pastures. The underlying factor is personal satisfaction, not merely physical gratification.
Myth: All infidelity results in separation.
Fact: Majority of the cases survive even through the differences.
We are born to differ, don't you think? Well, that answers most of the questions. Each of us has a different opinion and most of the time, it is what helps people in a relationship to pull along with the fact that the other has cheated. There are many couples who actually come out stronger and more dedicated to each other after an affair.
Myth: Happily married couples do not cheat.
Fact: A study conducted revealed that approximately 56% men and 34% women, in a happy relationship, have admitted to cheating.
While you would assume that a happily married couple wouldn't really cross the boundaries, it isn't really so. Shocking as it may be, the truth is that perfection is as fancy as it sounds. Spouses can eventually get fed up of perfection.
Myth: Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Fact: Not necessarily, but this one's true.
Your partner has probably been there, done that, and is probably doing it all over. If you know about the sordid pasts, why are you still in a relationship with that person? The fact is that there are times when this hasn't held true, but in most cases, a cheater never changes his/her habits. He/she probably is accustomed to lying to you in the face.
Myth: Emotional cheating does not count.
Fact: Cheating is cheating, be it emotional, physical, or spiritual.
For obvious reasons, searching for greener pastures because you aren't satisfied in something, accounts to cheating. Emotionally detaching yourself from a situation is not always the solution, more often than not, it is the sole reason for relationships going asunder.
The point here is, if one is not really satisfied with the way the relationship is turning, it results in it going awry. To make sure that this does not happen in your case, be sure to jot down the reasons for your dissatisfaction. That will help you analyze your relationship and thus save you from a potential heartbreak.
Make time for each other, be there for each other, and last but not the least, understand each other. That is sure to help your relationship grow stronger, if nothing else.