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Overcome Shyness Around Guys

Mukta Gaikwad
Are you at a loss for words, every time a guy tries to talk to you? Shun the label 'stuck up', 'weirdo' or 'loser', by learning to get over shyness around guys and be more confident.
Shyness is as common as acne among adolescents. However, for some girls shyness may be the biggest hindrance in getting the guy of their dreams. For shy girls like you, attraction ends at attraction and the wait for him to make the first move, often ends in vain.

It's About You

Shyness is aversion from socializing. To get closer to the guy, get in touch with a common friend. Get introduced to other friends and slowly get acknowledged in the circle. Forget that you are shy and just focus on the guy you want to get. The results will follow automatically.

Small Talk

The important step towards coming out of the closet is to make a small talk. You don't want to be paranoid about making conversations for endless hours. Get a small talk going with 'how are you?', a compliment, a statement or just a 'hello'.

Mixed Interests

Try to enjoy a mixed company. To mingle with the men around you with comfort, talk about your interests like movies, reading, or music. Surely, you'll find something in common.
Men are avid lovers of sports, so if that's not your interest woman, you've got to make it yours!

Conversation Starters

Women who feel shy are always at a loss of words or perplexed about what to say. Use a few conversation starters with a guy to make the job easy for you. This will help you strike a conversation with men and get you a little closer. It's a smart way of knowing a person too. Try it out!

Wear Your Attitude

Appearance is another reason why women get shy around men. Uncomfortable clothes, problems with the way you look and reserved style of speaking are few of the reasons because of which women undermine their boldness around men.
If you are still worried about your shyness around guys, the answer is simple. It's never a question of looking sexy in skimpiest of clothes or putting on a fake accent to impress men around you. Just be yourself and see the band of men follow your tunes!

Confidence is the Secret

Have a positive approach towards dealing with your fears. Forget the myth that you are shy and confidence will be yours. Make positive self-esteem affirmations to yourself and see the difference. Never feel that you are less than others or you don't have the edge over other girls.
You are what you are and let people like you for that. A pretense will be rejected by not only men, but by you too in a matter of time. The act of faking things will last temporarily, but your true self will support you no matter what. So, workout hard and build a robust self-confidence!
Overcome shyness around guys with a positive attitude. Confront your fears, only then will they pass by. Talking to people is building your confidence and knowing what people think of you. Shyness is just an emotion and not a personality trait. If you can overcome emotions like anger, fear and sadness, then dealing with shyness is a piece of cake for you.