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Places You Should Avoid on a First Date

Meghna Wani
A first date is like a first impression. If you get it wrong just because the location you selected was wrong, chances of having a second are quite less. Here are some places you need to skip on a first date.

First-Date Tip!

Avoid planning your date on a Friday or Saturday night because most of the hangouts will be overcrowded.
The day when you would be going on your first date has arrived. You are dressed up in your best attire, splashed on a few drops of your favorite perfume, and your excitement to meet the person is skyrocketing. Everything seems to be perfect. You invite your "likely love of life" to attend a sports event.
Picture this! Both of you are surrounded by enraged and boozed-up fans with their faces painted to cheer for their favorite teams. The constant cheering and the hustle-bustle makes it next to impossible for you to strike a conversation.
So, what do you do now? You change the location! You break the fundamental rule of dating, that is involving more than one location during a single date. 

Does the scenario (in any way) sound romantic to you? That is the reason why the key factor behind a successful date is choosing the perfect location.

Places to Avoid on a First Date

Family Get-Together

This one tops the list. Taking someone to a family function on your first date can become very demanding. The fact that your date has to make a good impression not only in front of you, but also your entire family will put a lot of pressure on that person.
Due to this, he/she will be forced to behave in a charming way, and you won't be able to gauge your date. There can be a situation in which your parents might ask you about your date, and all that you will be able to tell them is just his/her name. Whenever there is a get-together and some shenanigans are going on, it can leave your date embarrassed.


This comes second because of the fact that it becomes too static. You have to keep sitting at one place for a long time. However, some people would consider a dinner at a restaurant as an ideal idea for a date. Only if you are sure about the quality and service of food at the restaurant, you can opt for this idea.
You would still be under some stress, as you won't know the likes and dislikes of the person and may end up ordering something your date won't be able to stomach. You will have to eat "attractively" to impress your date, which is difficult if you are a sloppy eater.


Clubs can be a good option for the first date only if both of you are regular club goers. In case you are not, a club can be the most distracting place from the point of view of a first date. It's dark, noisy, crowded, and full of guys, who are on the look out to pick up women.
Also, you will have to raise the pitch of your voice in order to overcome the decibel levels of the songs blaring in the background. There is also a possibility that with this kind of ambiance, you won't be able to maintain a fruitful conversation that can decide the fate of the date. Therefore, it is better to ditch the music at least on the first date.

Movie Hall

The next location that needs to be avoided is a cinema hall. Imagine meeting your date at the cinema hall, exchanging some awkward greetings, purchasing popcorn and coke, and then sitting in the dark for 2 hours surrounded by strangers.
And all this only to find out that after 2 hours, you have only the storyline of the film as the topic of discussion. Doesn't sound anything like a first date to me at least.

Friend's Home

Inviting your date to a friend's place is also a no-no. (Follow this rule especially if your friend is more beautiful/handsome than you). Calling your date over to your home or going to his/her home should also be avoided as much as possible.
It inhibits a person from being comfortable while the other enjoys the comfort zone of his/her own house. Asking a girl to come over at home will raise a lot of questions in her mind, which may affect the formation of a potential relationship (negatively). No group dates are allowed where friends would be popping by to say "hello" and would eventually stay.
One should completely avoid arranging the first date in a way that requires a stroll through a museum, or any religious place. The reason being that every person desires a partner, who has a little sense of humor and can make others laugh.
However, the loneliness and the intentness of a museum won't allow your date to be humorous. On the other hand, if you talk at any of the religious places, be ready to be frowned and shushed at by other people. So, oral communication at such places becomes hardly possible.


The last place where you can think of arranging a date is in your car. Trapping your date in a car is as bad as trapping them in a restaurant. It would give a signal that you are not taking the date seriously.
You will have to divide your attention between talking and driving. If you concentrate on driving and talk less, your date might think that you are not interested and may get bored (deal broken). And if you concentrate too much on talking, both of you might end your date in the hospital!


A beach is quite a romantic setting, but this should be saved for further dates. Girls would find it quite intimidating to go on a first date to a beach, as they are secluded and windy (may spoil their updo). There's too much sand to handle, strikes this venue off the list.


Going 'oh-cho-chweeet' over each koala or a furry animal that you spot is in no way romantic. However, there might be a possibility that both of you may turn out to be animal lovers and this (only this!) can save a zoo date from being ruined.
It's only then that the girl may have the courage to say "hello" to a lion without an enclosure (don't trust the smile of the girl in the picture). A zoo also requires patience, because it involves a great deal of walking interspersed with blasts of stench emanating from the animal enclosures.
Your date would also find it cheap, if you just end the date by purchasing her an ice cream from one of the zoo outlets (don't even THINK of sharing an ice cream!)

Comedy Show

It is rightly said that "Comedy can be great if it's good and horrible if it's bad." Have you thought of your date starting the conversation with a big "WHAT!" when you disclose the location of your first date?
Nothing can be as bad as being trapped in a comedy show and listening to the comedian who just goes on and on, and you are awkwardly trying to laugh and hide the laugh at the same time.
Another important point that is that jokes are always specific. You and your date may have different opinions about a subject, and what you may find funny may be annoying to him/her. (Consider the deal over if you laugh at jokes pointed at women sarcastically!)

(In the) Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be a great place for a date if it is located in a coffee shop, or restaurant, and you both are sitting on a table next to it. However, it can be an equal disaster if you call your date for a swimming spree on the first date itself.
Even though you may have the body to flaunt, getting dressed skimpily on your first date would give out wrong signals. Your date would end up hanging out with you, but won't be able to think of a long-term partnership with you.
One more place we can't skip mentioning is the cemetery. For the fearless, who are a little edgy and would not mind considering a cemetery as the perfect venue for the first date, carry an Ouija board with you. In case you get bored, you can call some ethereal beings for company!
We all know that first dates are nerve-wracking, but don't be very tensed about the outcome. Be calm, and try to keep the atmosphere light and upbeat. Your main aim should be to analyze whether you are compatible enough to form a relationship or not. So, don't expect any intimate moments; just a few hours of fun is what you should look forward to.
Lastly, Keep in mind that if reaching the date venue requires a travel time of more than 20 minutes (and a map to locate!), then you should clearly ditch the idea. It is a real downer!