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How to Read People's Eyes

Megha Tiwari
Reading people's eyes can be of great help in understanding an individual. Read on to know how to become an expert at this art.
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them."
― Paulo Coelho
A thought in people's minds can be easily traced by looking into their eyes and reading their faces. Reading their eyes is a part of understanding their behavior and body language. Fortunately, or unfortunately, people who have the understanding of body language can cheat through false gestures, but the eyes cannot lie.
Eyes are the most expressive organ of the body. Without using a single word, an ocean of emotions can be easily expressed. For understanding people's deepest emotions and thoughts, reading their eyes is the best way. Various eye movements can convey different meanings which have been discussed here.
Note: Before proceeding, understand an important aspect of body language. An individual cannot be judged on the basis of a single gesture, posture, or movement.

How to Read the Eyes

For reading people's body language, having knowledge of sign language can help a lot. Especially, the movements of eyes can contribute a lot in reading people's minds, as it is an essential part of communication.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is an important aspect of face reading, which can be of 4 types. 1st, making an eye contact that is generally observed when you like someone or are interested in a talk with a person. 2nd type is breaking the eye contact, which can be due to threat or guilt.
Long eye contacts is the third type that is associated with lovers. The fourth and the last is limited eye contact that shows a feeling of insecurity or hiding something (lying).


Gazing is looking continuously at something. Now, this can also have many connotations, like you can gaze at something that is of your interest, or when you are angry, or even something that you might like to have.


It is a gesture made to conspire or indicate something. It can also be blended with waving of hand that indicates greeting.


The eyes are narrowed down to evaluate a situation or a statement. It is also observed when a person is not able to accept something as the truth, it can also be an indicator of uncertainty.


Blinking is like a windshield wiper to clear the vision, but when the rate of blinking is increased, it can be a sign of stress or sometimes lying as well. Other than natural ways of blinking, a single blink can be an indicator of surprise or disbelief.

Looking Up

This is often observed when a person is thinking and is an indication of visualizing things. But sometimes, looking upward during a speech or lectures can be a signal of recalling the points.
Looking upward towards the left can be for memorizing and towards the right can be for imagination. At times, these meanings can be reversed and become an indication of boredom.

Looking Down

Looking down can indicate of being submissive. Sometimes, a person feeling guilty of doing something wrong also cannot maintain eye contact.
The eye movements can also be culture specific. For example, in some cultures, maintaining eye contact is considered to be rude.

Sideways Looks

Normally, the vision is at horizontal plane and in front. When we look away from what's in front of us, it means something is distracting normal vision.
A sideways quick glance can be to have a quick look at something of your interest or to express irritation and discomfort.
So, these are some of the unconscious signs that help explore the thoughts going on in people's heads. But then, remember that it can differ from person to person.