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Signs of Infidelity in Marriage

Mukta Gaikwad
Infidelity is a growing concern amongst the urban couples, as the avenues to socialize continue to rise and the mind begins to wander. Signs of infidelity in marriage can either be glaringly obvious or sneakingly deceptive and devious. However, they must be recognized before it is too late.
Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle - Amy Bloom.
A marriage happens when you vow to be together in sickness and in health. It is a promise you make until death does you apart.
It is a commitment to loving unconditionally, honoring, and respecting each other in toughest of the times. However, a successful marriage happens when couples renews these vows every single day.

Signs of Cheating in Marriage

Infidelity definition: 'Unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially a spouse.' Unfaithfulness with reference to infidelity means sexually, emotionally, and mentally. Initially, a marriage always seems hunky-dory. As long as the newness of the marriage lasts, things move safely, and remain on the track.
As time passes, a married couple begins to crave for attention in every which way. This can be emotionally, physically, and mentally. This attention seeking results from poor communication, and lack of efforts made towards fostering the existing relationship. Slowly, this turns into horrors of infidelity, lying, and cheating.
Infidelity arises when emotional needs of your partner or you remain unsatisfied. With innumerable social networking sites, long working hours and growing friend circles, satisfying the emotional needs is not a tough task. This is where the emotional infidelity begins from.
Once, the emotional needs are satisfied, then why not the other ones? And so the vicious circle begins. Indulging in infidelity and craving for attention is like the need of an alcoholic, who will go to any extent to buy himself/herself alcohol. Such signs, if ignored for a long time can lead to irreversible infidelity and divorce.

Signs to Lookout For

  • Your spouse will shift the focus from you to the other person in life. He/she will do everything possible to spend time away from children, family, office, and other responsibilities.
  • Your spouse will shun you away, by cutting off all the communication, pretense of long working hours, and ignoring. These should be taken as serious emotional infidelity signs.
  • Your spouse will begin lying to you on every possible occasion to buy time to spend with the other person. Even when you catch your spouse lying about something, they will lie even more to hide their wrongdoings.
  • There will be a drastic change in your spouse's physical appearance and body language. They will dress the best and try and look as attractive as possible. Probably, your spouse has never done any of this for you, but he/she will go out of the way to look beautiful or handsome for the other person.
  • Receiving calls, text messages, calling, and sending text messages will be more frequent. Your spouse will become extremely protective about the cell phone.
  • Your spouse will tend to spend incorrigibly to win over the other person. The expenditures will never be told to you. The costly gifts received from the other person will be never shown to you.
  • Your sex life with your spouse will completely toss over and that will only be for worse.

Infidelity Advice

As an honest and true infidelity advice, talk things out with your spouse. Marital infidelity signs are often ignored by couples, till they reach a point of severe damage due to infidelity and divorce settlement. Marriage needs to be worked upon every single day by both the persons.
Every day is a new challenge, which needs to be addressed by both of you. Sharing your thoughts with your spouse will help both of you bond emotionally and physically. However, depending on the core nature of a person, the reactions to the situation may change.
Do you relate with the aforementioned signs of infidelity in marriage? Let's hope not. Don't be afraid to express your feelings to your spouse. If need be, go for a marriage counseling session. It will help you put things into perspective and give you a reality check. Most of the time such affairs die out, but either way they need to be confronted.