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Signs that Your Husband Wants a Divorce

Neha Joshi
Are you seeing some signs that tell you your husband wants a divorce? If you want to know what exactly are signs that your husband wants a divorce, read the story below and find out! Also, know how you can talk it out and make him change his mind.
A phase in your married life might just show a lot of blaming, fights, doubts and accusations. Sleeping on different sides, facing different directions might make you feel and see things that aren't true but just the assumptions of a mind that is in turmoil. However, there are also times when hints are staring you in the face but you fail to interpret them.
Signs that your spouse wants a divorce aren't difficult to guess and it might just take you simple confrontation to get the answer out of him. Sometimes, a hopeful heart doesn't want to believe all these signs that your husband wants a divorce. Then, there are times when you don't actually know whether these signs really mean something or are they just a result of too much thinking from your side. Either ways, understanding these signs and digesting what they mean is what you have to think about.

When He's Thinking 'Divorce'...

Written below are some signs that your husband wants a divorce. However, before we proceed to these signs, you need to understand that you can't think too much into everything. Thinking too much into every reaction of his will make him impatient to your assumptions and intolerant towards you in general. The feeling or emotion of understanding isn't unlimited, so make sure you're very rational yet compassionate in your approach.

He's Conveniently Ignoring

Is your husband ignoring you a lot nowadays? Does he listen to what you have to tell him, however ordinary? If you tell him you guys need to talk, does he at least seem bothered? If you are watching TV, does he make sure he's in the other room?
Does he address you for the smallest of reasons? If you come to the room where he is currently working or relaxing, he'll walk away straight or might give a convenient reason and excuse himself.

He's Not Facing It

If you ask him whether he wants to separate, he'll answer in such a way that it isn't a yes or a no. He'll leave you to think over it to an extent that you get fed up and ask for separation yourself. If you tell him that the issues are increasing by the day and you'll need to sit down and talk over things, he might just say there isn't any need.
If you confront him directly to check if he's thinking of separation and he answers, 'what do you think?', he's actually thinking of it. He won't face any such situation where there is a scope of sorting out problems and talking about issues.

He's Not Talking

He'll just stop talking to you and leave the communication to only answering your questions. Sometimes, he won't even do that. He might show as though he's too much in work whereas he might just want to be away from you. He won't talk about anything, not even his day at work.
Does he answer all your questions in monosyllables? If this is how communication takes place between the both of you, he's probably looking for marital separation at least, if not divorce.

He's On the Lookout

If your spouse is more on the aggressive side, he might just wait for a chance for you to go wrong. He might get really furious at the smallest mistake of yours. He might just wait for one mistake from your side, to start a verbal war and might end it with his wish to get as far away from you as possible.
He might tell you that you both are incompatible and how that incompatibility is one of the main reasons for divorce these days. He may not imply this directly, but the words he uses will mean nothing but that.

He's Not There

One of the most common signs that your husband wants to leave you is that he won't be with you as long as possible. He'll try staying at work as much as possible and won't come back home on time. The days that he does come back home on time, he'll have some appointments with his friends already. He might make himself so busy with things other than those that have anything to do with you, that you might not get any time to talk to him.
These were some signs that your husband wants a divorce and wants this to be the end to your married life. If you also think that divorce is the last option, there is nothing left for you to change. However, if this is not what you want, tell him how divorce affects family and how this should never be the ultimate option. Tell him how working out things can give you both a better future and make him realize the intensity of the situation. Hope everything works your way! Best of Luck!