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Simple Things to Do to Make Others Feel Special

Amita Ray
It doesn't take a lot to make someone feel special, but it definitely makes you feel like a million bucks! The funny thing about happiness is, it doubles when you spread it around. So, take a step forward; here are a few things that you could do for your loved ones which would make you truly happy, besides them.
If you happened to have a really good time with someone, send them a text message, or better, a teeny handwritten note of how glad you were that the two of you hung out. If it's a person of romantic interest, send her some flowers too with the note.
Genuinely compliment people. If there is something that you appreciate about a person, say it to them. Instead of looking at a person for what he is, look at for what he can be. And of course, let him know.
The best gift that you could give anyone is your time, and we don't mean you hanging out with someone and texting the world. Good quality unadulterated 'you time' is what is essential. Let them know you're there for them, and you would choose to be with them over anyone else in the world.
Make Time
A warm smile can fade a thousand sorrows, and a loving hug can mend every broken heart. If someone you really care about is having a bad day, give them a hug, just so they know they're not in this all alone.
Get Them Gifts
When you give someone you really care about a gift, make sure it feels like you're giving them a piece of your heart. We assure you this heartfelt sentiment will be acknowledged and well-appreciated. It doesn't matter if you cook something for them, make something for them, or get them something that you know means a lot to them.
Care for Them
Not many would want to hang out with someone who's unwell. Unfortunately, that's when we really feel the need for company. Volunteer to spend time taking care of someone; get them soup, and maybe some flowers, so that they feel pampered.
Give Surprise to Them
Remembering dates that are important to someone shows them that you listen and care. Whether you throw them a party or get them something, it really doesn't matter! The fact that you took some time and efforts to make them feel happy lets them know that they're on your mind.
Make Them Feel Included
If the two of you are hanging out with your friends, make an effort for the person to feel included. If there's an inside joke, take the time to explain it to the person. If you guys are pulling each others' leg, and if the person is game for it, make a few jokes at his expense too just to make him feel included.
Do Something They Love
Although it may not be your favorite thing, but if the other person is absolutely crazy over it, take some time out to try it just for his sake. Who knows, with this person around, you might actually enjoy the activity!
Share Your Story
It's not everyone who has the privilege to know your story. The fact that you trust someone enough to let them know what hides under that demeanor of yours, says something that no amount words could ever suffice.