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The Question of Divorce

Szajnbrum Law Office
None of us gets married with the thought that at some point, after years of marriage, we will become so frustrated that we will consider divorce (or actually get divorced).
Marriage is an extremely difficult type of relationship. There are no quick fix guidebooks to make it easier for us when we're experiencing trouble.
Some couples teeter precariously on the brink of divorce, but don’t split up; others are not able to work it out between them and do get a divorce.
Sometimes, the question is not why we divorce, but rather why we stay in a relationship for so long when both partners are lacking the tools to successfully remain in that relationship.
Why do we stay married?
At times, it’s very hard to figure out whether to stay in a marriage, or just give up and leave.
Even if we know we should learn to accept each other’s limitations or uniqueness, there is always a line we should draw for our own safety – physical or emotional.
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