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Topics to Talk About with Guys

Mubasherin Sayed
Everyone says that girls are very complex to understand, but guys are no less. You need to be very careful about the topics you talk about with guys, because your conversations can eventually make or break your impression. Here is all the help that you need.
Communication plays a very important role in our lives. It helps us to get to know someone, and is the key to a successful relationship. We all know about these psychological facts, but when it comes to practical implementation, we are confused.
Girls often rake their brains and come up with different (more often than not, plain weird) ideas or gestures to impress guys. Hey girls, stop all that! A simple, straightforward conversation is all you need.

Interesting Topics to Talk About With Guys

There are many topics to talk about with guys, but it is necessary to talk about things which draw attention and keep them interested.

Life Experiences

You can talk about some incidences in each other's lives, or discuss your feelings about them. Guys really don't like to talk about every minutest detail they have experienced in life; they like adventure and excitement.
So, don't try to become a detective with them or you might just see them disappear the next time you turn your head! If they want to share things with you, they certainly will even without you asking anything.
You can ask them questions like 'why do you like playing football?' or 'why is traveling the biggest passion of your life?' Such questions allow them to express their excitement and dynamic attitude. They will definitely start sharing their thoughts with you once they get comfortable with you.

Likes and Dislikes

Everyone likes discussing their likes and dislikes. You can talk about your favorite movies, food, or sport. But avoid discussing people or complaining about someone. Guys don't like girls who crib about each and every small thing; it will be a big turnoff for him.
Don't talk about that cute guy next door either! He might just assume you have a crush on the other guy and walk out. It is better to talk about general stuff in the beginning rather than getting too personal.


If you really can't think of any particular topic at that particular moment, discussing your surroundings is the best option. You can talk about anything, like the books which are kept on the shelves or a cool dress a person is wearing.
Don't criticize anyone. It is true that guys love gossiping too, but it is better if you let them start first or you might come across as snobbish.

Latest News

Your conversation can include things like the latest blockbuster or the interesting football match. Avoid talking about controversial topics or you might end up arguing with the guy. News need not be boring all the time; it could be just a rumor spread in college. So, think of something interesting and grab his attention!

Future Plans

You can gently ask him his dreams, ambitions, what he wishes to achieve in life, etc. Talking about the future will help you connect with each other on a deeper level. You can ask him questions like, "where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?." Don't get too interrogative though, not all guys are comfortable sharing their life plans.
Topics to talk about depend upon the closeness between both of you or where your relationship is heading. The aforementioned ones can help you if your relationship has just started. These might help you getting more closer and comfortable with each other.
You will definitely create an impression on your guy with these ideas. However, avoid talking about things like your tragic life or how your boss troubled you, unless you want to get rid of him.