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Ways to Tell Your Date is a Disaster

Not all dates go according to a plan. Some end up being dreadful and intolerable. Read ahead to find out how to know if your date is a disaster.
Sheetal Mandora
Bad Date Escape Plan

Tell your date you ..
  • ... have to walk your neighbor's cat.
  • ... can see the two of you becoming really good friends.
  • ... need to be home early because of your curfew.
  • ... forgot you had to meet your boss about tomorrow's meeting.
Unpredictability, thy name is 'dating'. It is possible that you met someone whom you thought is interesting enough to go out on a date. However, only after you're on the date, you quickly realize that he's not all that you had imagined him to be. What next? Well, the only sane thing to do is make an excuse and get the heck out of there.
But not many women, and men, can differentiate a good date from a bad one. To them, it probably means that the person is nervous, and since it is the first or second date, he/she should be given the benefit of doubt. There are a few signs or ways to tell your date is a disaster. Let's take a look at these signs.

7 Bad Date Warning Signs

Whether you're on a blind date, first date, or have gone out more than once, it is highly important that you're aware of some of the following warning signs. This information can and will save you from spending another unexciting date.

It's been a very, very long time since one of you has said something to each other.

Silence can be a good thing, but not while you're on a date; and especially when no one is trying to strike up an interesting conversation. In any relationship, if there's nothing to talk to the other person about, it is usually a deal breaker.

Your date's temperature rises without a warning.

There may be a reason or two for your date to lose a bit of his/her cool. But excessive criticism and dislike toward people, their mannerisms, or certain circumstances can be too much to take. Being in a fowl mood can upset anybody; and that gives you a good opportunity to get the heck out of there. You can definitely do better than this.

The date hasn't even begun, and he/she seems to be in a hurry to end it.

If your date is eating very quickly, doesn't seem to be interested in having a conversation, is least interested in what you're saying, and keeps checking what time it is, then consider this date a disaster. Call it a night on this date because wasting time on someone who clearly isn't interested is foolish.

You were supposed to meet your date 45 minutes ago.

Unless your date provides you a genuine explanation or texts you about his/her late arrival, there's no excuse for keeping you waiting. By agreeing to meet you at a particular time, your date has made a commitment to you. And by not fulfilling it, he/she isn't honoring you or your valuable time.

Your date is more interested in what's happening on the next table or in his/her phone.

Distraction ruins everything. When you talk, it's obvious that you want the other person to listen or take part in the conversation. But when your date is constantly texting or taking calls during the date, you need to end it, NOW. Your date may have a valid reason to check the phone all the time, but it's considered rude not to inform you about it.

Your date is getting comfortable with you and is being too touchy-feely.

Too much physical contact is a definite bad sign. Without even knowing a little bit about one another, if your date wants to become physical and make out with you, it means it's time to head home. You do not want to carry on with the date if you're feeling uncomfortable.

Your date cannot help but bring his/her ex into the conversation.

This is a big no-no. There is no way a person should bring the "ex talk" without the other person's permission. Unless you asked the questions, your date isn't supposed to say a word. Ask your date to not speak of the ex. And if he/she is still making the same mistake, just get up and walk away.
Dating has changed over the years, and hence, men and women apply different techniques to impress one another. However, in this race, some often forget to avoid tiny misdoings (like the ones mentioned earlier).
Don't torture yourself and the person you're with, by elongating the date that isn't really going anywhere. If you know that you two aren't compatible and your date isn't worth your time, it is best you end it soon.