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What Does Your Laugh Reveal About You?

Cheryl Mascarenhas
What's tickling your funny bone, eh? You giggle, you laugh, and at times even grunt. Okay, stop. It's not funny. Your style of laughing speaks volumes about you, and the situation you are in.

We bet you know...

Laughter tends to occur in short bursts of vowel-like sounds, such as 'ha-ha', 'ho-ho', or 'he-he', which are repeated every fifth of a second.
Why is it that we laugh? Is it when a situation is funny, or do we create a funny situation? Is it really beneficial for health?
If doctors are trusted, then laughter helps to make you feel better and brings life back to you. Like music, it does not need a language to be understood. Needs a discerning ear to guide your heart to understand, and mind to ponder.
You can start with a giggle which can grow to be a contagious laugh riot, or better still, a hearty laugh. Then there's the gurgling laugh which brings joy, and the genuine boisterous laugh.
While laughter can be induced, it cannot be commanded, and this is what makes it an exceptionally conscious action. No matter how you laugh, hidden behind it is a feeling, an emotion, and most of all, a situation. If laughter is the best medicine, then this is definitely not a laughing matter.
The Boisterous Laugh-er
What's commonly known as 'laughing out loud' is essentially a crude and hearty burst of laughter. The laughter that's also called a guffaw or a deep belly laughter brings to mind a person who is down to earth, uninhibited, and sociable.
People who exhibit such a deep laugh are chance takers. They enjoy company and are entertaining. You simply can't help yourself from enjoying such a person's company.

The Giggler

This laugh is also called tittering, and is a laugh with repeated short spasmodic sounds. It is often said to reflect nervousness. A person who constantly giggles is considered to be shy, and is apparently suppressing their mischievous side.
They, however, love to revel in the fun with such sporadic outbursts; you would probably assume they do not like to appear rude. Such people are sure to come across as vibrant, youthful, and fun-loving.

The Cackler

There's a loud burst of piercing laughter that cannot be missed even in a crowd. You've found the life of the party, the bold and uber cool individual. Such people love cracking jokes, and are fun to be with. These individuals radiate self-confidence, and attract success. Such people can come across as being biased with the choice of company they keep.

The Snickerer

A stifled laugh, or one that has been a tad bit suppressed, is one that qualifies as a chuckle. It's nothing but laughing under your breath. Thus, it invokes images of an individual who is mischievous and witty. They are quick to find humor in most situations, and have a carefree outlook towards life. Such individuals are easygoing and are easily likable.
The Snorter
What happens when you try stopping loud bursts of laughter, and it ends up in your nose? You heard right, you end up with a snort.
Call them modest or simply shy, the ones that suppress their laughter do not do it on purpose but out of sheer habit. We would say such individuals do not like to call attention to themselves and are sensitive.

The Wheezer

What's that whistling in the wind? it's just you laughing. You'd think the person is out of breath laughing; well, in reality they are trying to mask their boisterous laughter. These people have a good sense of humor, but tend to lean on the shy and timid side. Call these individuals the smart ones, for they succeed in hiding their laughter bouts.
While these basic styles of laughing sure indicate whether a person is bold or outgoing, judging a person solely on this basis is not the norm. A person in any given situation can change his/her laughing style, and can exhibit all of these styles.