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Why do Men Lie?

Why do men lie? Read on to know what are some of the stupidest and the serious reasons for this behavior.
Mukta Gaikwad
Every person, whether a man or a woman, knows very well why they are looking for an answer to this question. If you are having a hard time accepting it, let me spell it out for you. Men are here because they want to know what they share in common with other men and women are here for the obvious grievous reasons.
Lying has caused great irreparable rifts in many relationships. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why men lie. Maybe, understanding these reasons may help you get a better insight of your relationship.

For the Kicks

The common reason why men lie is, generally, for the heck of it. They lie because it gives them an ego boost. Saying the truth is easy and convenient. But what's exciting about it? Nothing. So what do you do? Lie, of course!
Men have inherently been the species which takes the risk, proves its mettle, and wins the prize. Thus, you'll often find men boasting about their financial status, capacity to drink, and number of girls they've dated. It's foolish, but that's why they are men!

To Hide

This is not exactly a lie. However, it is not exactly the truth either. He is not telling a lie, but he is not being honest either. He just won't tell. But, since this goes against the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, it is tantamount to lying.
For instance, he may say, 'I was out with a friend for a couple of drinks.' Here he will not specify which 'friend' is this, leaving you under the impression that it was one of his guy friend.

To Please You

This is the lousiest reason, but it is still a reason for men to lie. Men oftentimes lie because they do not want to face your reaction to a certain truth. They are worried that it may upset you or may be you will react vehemently. Thus, to avoid the melodramatic charade, men lie.
For instance, if the food you've cooked is not palatable, he will just gobble it and say it was good. So, don't hold a grudge for this one, it's a sweet lie! But, sometimes such a lie is told to cover up an important issue, it can leave a bitter taste in the mouth too.

To Cheat

Why do men cheat? The reasons for cheating are pretty much the same, as why women cheat. We all cheat to make a point, either to ourselves or to our partners. However, if your man cheats, you need to understand that it is not his fault entirely. It surely doesn't happen overnight.
It begins with emotional infidelity, which, if swept under the carpet, can make things much worse. So, any behavior suggesting the same, must be addressed with maturity and with an attitude to change the situation for good.


Face it women, men are lazy! While it is true that they are traditional providers, it is also true that they don't like to work holidays. Given a choice, they would indulge in actual sports or plant themselves in front of a couch to watch sports.
So, to avoid work, they lie. The easiest of all lies is, 'Oh! I forgot!'. So, don't be surprised if you get this excuse when you ask him why he hasn't mowed the lawn yet.
Women have excellent intuitive powers (no praise, it's a fact!). So, to all of you harried girlfriends, use it. Practice will make you perfect. Instead of brooding over why men lie, have fun confronting them!